Interactive application exhibiting dynamic multi-media content on any screen

Introduction of innovation into your business through cutting edge technology by beautiful display of the products and astounding customer interaction are the most important features of Flowww application.  Flowww complements your marketing campaigns with omnichannel experience and surprises the audience with impressive next generation technology. Furthermore, business analytics and customer preference data turns Flowww into a most helpful tool for understanding popularity of the content. Use Floww to deliver right message at the right time to reach your customers!

Raise your presence

Customers won’t be able to walk by Flowww interactive signage without stopping to try out the exquisite touch interface – just with the sweep of an arm starts surprising changes to screens’ graphical content. Large touchscreen with Flowww experience will provide exquisite quality picture, video and digital magazine display using seamlessly animated design templates.  Dynamic imagery can be integrated for any branded messaging, product or need. Several customers at once are able to interact with content elements, browsing through items, following tags and liking the items they see.

Knowing better, acting wiser

While customers are using the Flowww, business intelligence is collected, keeping tabs on customer behaviour. Business intelligence will tell you which products are more acknowledged and liked by the customers, helping to improve marketing and business strategy.

Control the flow

Screen application can be customized to create unique, personalized animation experience and effects to display the content exactly how envisioned to compliment any marketing need. Content management system will centralize detailed management and review of the content even between several locations and screens in no time.

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