iNpress is a brand new product created by Eptron and meant for fashion brands, fashion outlets and their customers. iNpress is an interactive fashion mirror of which the first release allows you to make dressing room shoots and catwalk records, through its mobile and web application share them and review them at home.

iNpress allows customers to take pictures and videos of themselves to see if the desired clothes, shoes or bags they try in-store, look good on them. All the pictures and videos are stored on a customers’account thus creating a long-term private or public fashion diary for them. Additionally, fashion brands will be able to switch on the use of analytics (trends) in order to make recommendations to the customer.

The most important part of Inpress is the virtual mirror, it is large HD screen installed in the retail shop. When nobody is in front of the screen iNpress works as a digital signage panel, showing retailers’advertisments or other customer videos. When customer come in front of the screen, iNpress will discern him as a person and turn into a mirror with functions mentioned above.

In its second edition iNpress will enable fashion retailers to offer customer several beneficial features. For example, iNpress will be able to propose clothes customer were interested in previous visits, making it easy to find items they tried on a while ago and will recognice what you are wearing. iNpress will also be able to collect data about what colors, materials and sizes customer have liked before and recomend items based on the retailers’catalogue.

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