Social wall is an interactive web app allowing you to display content using several types of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Yammer applied to various types of beautiful templates. Moderation system allows to configure the incoming stream by accounts or hashtags allowing to show both historical and live, incoming posts.

Social wall have been created for customers, who needs interactive media tool especially beneficial in public events or environements like exhibitions, conferences and presentations.  Large screen with Social wall allows to display content from various accounts, topics and even time periods including various social media platforms. Additionally event participants can send direct messages with text and pictures for appearing on Social wall application.

Another scenario for customer is to add screen into their shop window, where it will always display most actual information about products and services from designated social media accounts keeping the customers up-to-date with all the offers.

Social wall moderation tool in Doohapps store allows customer to set up all the details around information displayed on the screen combining information exactly as you need in including several accounts, social media platform, hashtags, dates or live streaming. Moderation tool also provides functionality to approve posts, to be sure, that all displayed content is into accordance with your needs or you can choose auto- approval instead, allowing each post to appear automatically.

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